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In this day and age of instant information and communication on demand, does it make sense to have a landline any more?  Almost anyone can have a cell phone now. Even those who are below the government poverty level can apply to get one so what used to be a luxury item for the rich and powerful in the 80's is now at anyone's disposal.

Landline numbers have their uses. If you have a fax machine still, you would need one for that.  Modern technology has take care of the cumbersome issue of facsimiles with scan and email solutions though.  

For a some good ideas on why you should be using a cell phone number exclusively instead of a landline numbers, we comprised a few points:

Is it true that Cell Phone Numbers get less spam calls? -

Isn't it nice that your cell phone doesn't ring at all hours of the day and evening with strangers who want to sell you stuff you don't need? Since the numbers are not widely published anywhere there is no database that telemarketers can buy to continuously abuse our precious cell phone numbers with a constant and never ending bombardment of obnoxious and unwanted phone calls. That is what happens with landlines and that is why you get all those relentlessly annoying calls at all hours of the day.  A reverse cell phone lookup can be done, but it will not be free.


No Cell Phone Directory - Avoid Telemarketers - 

Don't you just boil with frustration when you pick up your home phone to hear this long delay after you answer only to say, "hello" again and hear, "stay on the line for an important message." If it is so life-interrupting, then why can't you just tell me in person? Why does a lame recording have to come on just to tell me who to vote for?  Your cell phone doesn't get those if you don't write it down on all those give-aways you try to win. You can keep your phone in your pocket or purse and be free of recorded nonsense.


Cell Phones Can Get Calls Anywhere  -

Now when you do want your calls, you can get them no matter what.  Traveling? You can get your calls.  On vacation? Never miss an important message again.  In another country?  Call your carrier, sometimes they can set something up for while you're away to be able to get your calls internationally.  The versatility of a cell phone for any time, any where communication can't be beat for the business world.  You can use your cell as your business line. There are phones that allow for conference call capabilities so there is no need to worry about loss of office functionality if you go cellular for your desk phone. 

We hope a few of these points will turn around those last few "old schoolers" who are holding out with a traditional landline phone and give them a reason to stop spending money they don't need to. Keeping a landline only really serves to keep the telemarketers calling continuously, and your phone and voicemail working overtime trying to keep up with them.

Nowadays, if we are not home there are no worries - missed calls from important people if our lives is a thing of the past.  All convenience of access to regular phone numbers and the cell phone numbers of friends, family and acquaintances are right at our fingertips.



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